how long do we have to stay with version 1.1.2 (368)?

I purchase my construct 2 license last year version 190 +++ and now I have the lates version which is version 204.2.. what I'm to say here is... others game engine like "game maker", "construct 2" "game salad"  they keep on update.. but why buildbox is having difficult time to update..... its been 1.1.2(368) for how long already???? almost half a year but still no update... the price are almost 20 times expensive compare to the 3 game engine I mention earlier..... hey Trey Smith whats going on? ... look at my game with not bug fixes (update) the enemy still wont die after my character shoot with character bullet.... I laready check my enemy health which I put "0" and I also put additional charracter bullet which have 3 times the damages but... still can't kill the enemy.. I believe its not from my mistake.. because when I test run the game using the buildbox preview.. everything runs just perfect.. but once I exported to anroid and generate .apk using eclipse... its just wont kill the enemy anymore....zzzz what pissed me off is... sometime I have 500 impression on my game with cpm usd4.24.. but... I dont think people will play my faulty game... because none of them can go to level 2

please check out my faulty game from the link below



so far have created 9 game using buildbox... and I am very satisfied with one game which is "princess jassminne" and "princess sophiana"



I love buildbox because it can create a very good quality of LIMITED platform game in a short time.... there I said it limited.

I love buildbox because of the easy built in IAP settings

I love buildbox because of the easy ads placement

but I hate the slow update.. thats is why Im back with construct 2 while waiting for the unknown upadate and at the same time Im also waiting for construct 3.. I heard its going to be great... well.. lets wait and see who is going to come back good.... buildbox update or construct 3...


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