What is a good base for a puzzle game?

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Buildbox does not currently support puzzle games natively unfortunately.

Buildbox can make these types of games and more. 

The original games are listed for inspiration.  Buildbox may

not be able to make the exact games in every case.

        •    Dogfight (ex. 1942)

    •    Jumping (ex. Doodle Jump)

    •    Racing (ex. Spy Hunter)

    •    Flappy (ex. Flappy Bird)

    •    360 Shooter (ex. Smash T.V.)

    •    Avoidance Wide (ex. On The Line)

    •    Avoidance Lateral (ex. The Line)

    •    Side Shooter (ex. R-Type)

    •    Impossible (ex. Impossible Game)

    •    Runner (ex. Canabalt)

    •    Shooting Runner (ex. Robot Unicorn Attack)

    •    Motocross (ex. Road Trip 2)

    •    Platformer (ex. Cloudberry Kingdom)

    •    Helicopter (ex. Jetpack Joyride)

    •    Downward Bounce (ex. Jupiter Jump)

    •    Sticky Jump (ex. Spike Dislike)


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