I have added an object to the screen and used these settings.


I verified the parent object has health and damage both set to 1.

The object does not get destroyed on contact with the character.

I changed health and damage to 0, and alternated health 1, damage 0, and health 0 with damage 1.

Nothing will make the enemy die.

I see the alternative method in the manual to use an action.  But that would mean adding in at least 50 objects as actions.  

Can anyone verify this is a bug?



  • mojpoj
    I also tried this in a new project, the apparent bug can be re-created very easily. Add: character, object for enemy, and object for ground. Set enemy object as enemy, Collision Type -> Collide, Destroy Type -> Destroy Enemy Run -> If you hit the enemy with your character, nothing happens???
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I want the Character to destroy the Object when he runs into it.  I guess I thought Destroy Enemy meant "Destroy Self on collision with Character".

So, it looks like there is no way to for my character to destroy objects just by touching them.   That means I have to add them all in again as actions, type coin, value 0, animation on action.

It would be far more elegant if I could select Collision type: "Collision" and Destroy: "Destroy Self."

  • seanconnor
    I believe something like this is planned. But you are correct in that there is no way to do this currently.
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 I think you're misunderstanding what "Destroy enemy" does. Destroy enemy means destroy enemy objects that have "destroy character" selected as collision type. If you want an object to destroy the character upon collision select "Destory Character"

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