I am making a game and when i did i want there to be several little balls like in "The Line Zen". Can somone plz tel me how and send me a link where i can get that image? Thanks!
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 OK, so this actually would take too long for me to answer by hand, but there's a much more effective way of learning anyway :)


So you said you wanted the animation like The Line Zen? Well, you're in luck because the founder of Buildbox created a video called The Making of The Line Zen. It even explains the death animation. I have hotlinked the exact point in which he starts explaining the death animations.

In case it doesn't go to the specified point, it is 3.19 in the video.


Also, just so you know exactly what you'll be doing: the death animation was not a single image. It's many small images with randomized location and movement inside the object's death animation.

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    Thanks for all of the support! You always answer with the best answers and your really useful.
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