Hey buildbox team,

Thanks for great update But need some more improvement in character selection.

- In character selector if i want to show different image on character which are locked.  (Like in The line zen game)
- In character selector if i don't want to show the character name. (There should to such option that we Disable the Character name)
- In character Selector if i want to change the size of character in character selection screen.

One more thing in menu had problem: The sound button is reverse. when we place the image of sound on in sound on it will be off but when we Place the image of sound off in sound off it will be on. 

Hope those update will be available soon.


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You can disable the character name by simply deleting the name typed for the character in the dropdown menu, and you can tweak the size of the character by scaling it inside the animation editor

  • d_expand
    i don't want to make my character small in gameplay i want that in mainmenu. If you delete the name and build in device it will show you untitled.
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