How come there is no character health in Buildbox ?! or am I missing something?

and there is no Health bar too!

If it's possible please tell me how to make health bar for my character (say 5 hearts for example), so it doesn't die immediately after touching an enemy or a bullet.

Another missing basic things:-

  1. How can i make an object moves back and forth in a loop? the only available movement is in one direction only.
  2. Changing the background color randomly every time the game restarts as in "swing copters" game.
  3. Random wiggly movement of enemies with or without directional movement.
  4. Moving enemies toward the character (simple AI).
  5. Make /draw a fixed path for objects or enemies to follow.
  6. Countdown timer.
  7. Random sounds (instead of "you can drop only one sound file" i need to drag and drop multiple sounds and let the game pick one of them randomly).

Thanks a lot


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There is currently no health bar for characters. It's something we'll bring in the future, but this was actually intentional.   When I originally set out to create Buildbox the goal was simplicity over features.  There are many options available that do the opposite, but we wanted to create something that fell more in-line with the 80/20 rule.   

Of course, we're also still in version 1.x.  Overtime we'll be adding more features people request, but it will need to be handled carefully so we don't over complicate the software.  

  • ashrafhamdi
    Thanks for reply, In my opinion Buildbox will still be simple with adding those features in a "drag & drop" way. For random sounds or random backgrounds the user can drag and drop multiple files. For objects that moves back and forth in a loop just a simple parameters under X & Y can do this. For enemies moves towards the character a check box for (aimed to character) can be a simple way to achieve this, may be additional box for the range in pixels. I liked the simplicity of Buildbox so much as well as the great performance on mobile phones, the physics performance is AWESOME, animations are very smooth, ads & IAP runs perfectly! Adding those features and more will make Buildbox the easiest and most powerful 2d game maker ever! Thanks
  • Trey Smith
    Thanks for the kind words! Yes, we will get there and have already worked out many of these. For example, we have a "repeat" option we're testing for object movement. So you have wake-up, sleep, repeat.
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