Thought I might try my hand at building a pinball-type game, where the ball is similar to the character in a jumping game and bounces off of flippers, bumpers, etc.  

There's a very simple version of what I have in mind called Pinball Sniper:




The game is by Ketchapp, but I believe was developed in something other than Buildbox.


So to my questions...

  1. Can you even create flippers in Buildbox?  They're just objects, of course, but they rotate in a limited arc attached at a fulcrum/pivot point.  Doesn't sound hard, but I have not seen that capability in any of the videos.
  2. Would the "character" be the ball?  Or would the character be the "floor" underneath the flippers and the ball would be the "enemy"?
  3. If you could create rotating objects around a point (flippers), can the collision/contact area move/rotate with the flipper?  It seems you set the collision/contact area ONCE, even if there are multiple animation frames.  That would obviously not work for flippers unless you could change the contact area for each frame of animation.

Thanks for any insights you can give me.


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I don't think is possible in Builbox to do that.

But anyway i think they have a version of BuildBox (they say is in test) , with Multiple character select and Loading Bar and Level Select and more feature.

but in my opinion they wait to make some fame and money and then release it.

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