Since I don't know why it crashed, I recorded a video and hope you guys find out what the problem was. It crashed while I was testing the game.


  • sandymsu
    i have same problem, new version have many bugs.
  • sanggameboy
    Let's keep reporting them all the bugs we found.
  • seanconnor
    This happening every time or just randomly? Any repeatable steps? Is it at a certain scene? Multiple files? Which version of Buildbox are you using? 1.1.2?
  • sanggameboy
    It happens randomly, and i'm using version 1.1.2.
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yeah I have the same problem with my game combot


but I somehow manage to solve it..... all I did was.... I reduce my graphic and trust me it work

remember this sentence... always edit your graphic work with large image but when it come to game apps always minimize your graphic as minimum as possible.


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