Hi Trey Smith,

I was working on a game last week and today I updated to the latest version 1.3.4 (I was on 1.3.3). Somehow the gameplay settings, specifically the Bounce Force for the character, changed. I need there a setting of X -2. But when I put there now a negative value the character won't jump anymore. This worked in version 1.3.3.

(I also just tried with a positive value. The same problem. Bounce Force in X is not working. Y is working just fine.)

I am very interested to publish this game on IOS and Android (and therefore to buy Buildbox) but since this feature was taken away my game simply does not work anymore. Is there a chance you will change this back or is this a bug?

I am on Mac Trial 1.3.4


  • seanconnor
    Email to since this is more involved. Thanks
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