i want to ask about heyzap integration with buildbox.

I already put my publisher ID, and create a button for free coin using heyzap (rewarded video)


here is the setting:


But, when I test build (generate apk) and run in android, the button is disappear:



Can someone help me pls?


Best Regards

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First of all. MAKE SURE that you go to the "Menu Editor" and set the "Interstitial" on the game screen to HeyZap...


If it's not that.. Here's another issue I found when I was making Kitty Kites...

Does it like blink for a second when you first hit the screen. I ask because I've noticed that sometimes it takes like 20-30 seconds before my "Free Coins" rewarded video button appears. I think it might have something to do with the ad loading in the background. The reason I think that is because it can take longer for it to appear at night when I first open the app. When my local internet is slowest. And the button pops up almost immediately when I am on LTE on my 6 Plus. So I think it is just taking some time to load the ads on the backside.


Try to play your game a bit or navigate back and forth through the menus in your game and see if the rewarded video button you put in the game finally pops up. Once my button appears it stays there for the rest of my session.


As always, Best of luck!!


Burger Boy Studios, LLC



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can someone help?

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