before buildbox's latest update I was able to do an action power up where it changes the character sprite after each checkpoint area is reached. Now with the latest build the first checkpoint and the change character sprite action is doing fine but after reaching the second checkpoint where I have a 2nd action with new character sprite, the 1st checkpoint sprite and 2nd checkpoint character sprite now stacks with each other when it used to replace the existing character sprite before. Another bug is while having the replace character sprite action active, halfway along the level the original character sprite shows and now stacked along the power up sprite now I have to remove this function with my game using the current build.


I think the possible solution for this one is adding an advance option for actions to enable power up stacking on and off in this way we can determine if a power up is stackable effect or a replaceable instead, just my opinion. What do you think of this issue?

  • seanconnor
    I'd like to see a copy of this BBDOC if possible to view these bugs/changes in functionality easily and see what needs to be done since its the first I've heard of this. Can you email support directly please :)
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