I really believe the coin function for actions should really have more advance options other than giving you coins for purchase or atleast we should have action type that gives you score multiplier in game

As of now we can only buy stuff by using coins that we collect in game other that there is no more other use for it. Striving to get coins in game becomes useless once you purchased coins via iap. 

I have suggested this before, I'd like to suggest this again for I really believe that we should incorporate this function in future build updates

- an ability to give score multiplier once you get coins in game or a point counter action that gives you a point multiplier. In this way getting this point counters in game would be a must if you want to achieve more overall score after each level.

 An example scenario is if your playing a level based game where your scoring saystem is distance based, you can only finish a game with a definite score regardless of how many coins you put in there it gives no difference with the final score wether you get those coins or not. So as player I would just end up getting through each level.

If getting coins gives you an additional point multiplier it makes sense to strive to get more of them with each level (in this way instead of coin or game currency it can also play as a score multiplier if you dont have any in game items available with your game.)   

Another thing is a feature that gives you additional time once you get these coins. If me can incorporate an arcade mode gameplay settings where each level is based on time trial, getting coins would be a must in order for the player to progress furthermore in game.


I believe adding this features with action would unlock more possibilities and challenges,versatility and replay value with our current gameplay settings. I'd like to get your take on these? thanks a lot.






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