First off good job to all the guys at BB for creating this awesome software to us non programmers and I wish BB much success in the future.

Question 1.

Is it possible to zoom the game camera IN or Out so you can see more of your level? For example when I press the preview button and test my game the game level camera is always set at a certain distance from the character and it limits my view of my level.


Question 2.

With the new BB update are we now able to make game levels like with the lockboxes that I see so much with so many apps on the market?


Question 3.

Can I place coins on a game level and set my game up in such a way that the play cannot pass on the the next level or the next part of the game until all coins are collected?

Many thanks in advance to anybody who responds XD.

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Q1 - NO

Q2 - NO

Q3 - NO

  • blad300
    Q1 - you can set a small square in GamePlay settings and where you go with your character you will see the level,but you cant explore the level like "Red Alert"
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