Buildbox Pricing Update

By December 16, 2019Buildbox
Buildbox Pricing Update

With the release of Buildbox Free, there will be new pricing options. Here’s an update on some of the upcoming changes. Starting on December 18th, the option to sign up for any of our previous plans will no longer be available. This means any new signups or plan switches will be based solely on our new pricing tier. If you’re currently a paid monthly or yearly subscriber and want to keep the plan you have now, you can. Nothing will change for you. We’ll continue to honor all prior subscriptions at their set rate.

New Pricing Plans For Buildbox

  • Buildbox Free – (FREE)
  • Buildbox Pro – ($59 per month / $499 per year)

We’ve decided to keep things simple and will only be offering two plans: Buildbox Free and Buildbox Pro. You have the choice of monthly or annual payments with the Buildbox Pro plan priced at $59 per month or $499 per year. We’re also bringing back annual contracts, so all plans, including the monthly option, will be set on a 12-month yearly contract, which you can later choose to renew or opt-out.

Buildbox Free And Buildbox Pro 

Buildbox Free is a lighter version of the Pro plan. This means there are some limitations. With Buildbox Free, you’ll be able to integrate only two popular Ad Networks: AdMob and IronSource, with a 10% or less cut taken from each. There is a one-world limitation. Plus, your game’s splash screens will feature the BB logo, which cannot be removed. Also, export is limited to only iOS and Android. 

However, with the Buildbox Pro plan, you have access to all the options. You’ll have the ability to build unlimited worlds, scenes, export to both mobile and desktop platforms, and fully customize your game’s splash screen and monetization.

Each plan gives you full access to our software’s incredible game building features, including our new no-code game-changer, brainboxes. With it, you can easily add ‘brains’ or behaviors to any image or 3D model in seconds without writing a single line of code. There’s also the ability to create 2D and 3D worlds and over 100 preloaded assets to help you quickly build out your game. Add popular gameplay mechanics instantly with our smart asset templates and even add advanced logic to any object or character via nodes. You can view current plans right here.

If you have any questions about our new pricing plans or your options, please contact our support team at

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  • John Mooney says:

    Way too much in pricing compared to Unity which is far more powerful. Also 1 world is useless as a lot of games need levels to be created with worlds as there STILL isn’t a proper way to do levels.

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  • Jonn says:

    One of the worst pricing; it was 299$/year pro version; now you increased the price 200$ more with Free marketing advertising..
    I planned to buy it this year.
    But now I have changed the plan, worst pricing Buildbox..

  • Mike says:

    Ok I like the FREE version 1 world and unlimited scenes is more then you got last year for the $15 a month plan. This is a great way to go those people complaining on here need to either deal and use it or just be quiet and move on. Now the upped price on Pro is a little disconcerning. But, we will see here in a few hours. I’m really hoping to see that price include the extra Boxes like Animationbox and Soundbox that would be a huge game changer… Oh yeah I guess Pro was $99 a month before hu?

  • Maxwell says:

    Thanks Trey, you are amazing man!

  • Catch Fehst says:

    The price tier makes perfect sense. Free is available for you to learn and practice. If you make money off of your creations then of course upgrade as that is a no brainer. Why buy a Ferrari when you don’t even know how to drive yet. Work up to that first. If you can’t make $59 a month from the free version, it’s not like the pro version will make it happen for you. Also make your own game art and sound. It’s not that hard to do.

    Build a solid foundation from the tools that BuildBox is gifting to you.

    Build, gift, gifts come in boxes, BuildBox. ;)

  • Konner Moshier says:

    My question is that with the release of the free version and the distinction with the pro I feel like pro subscribers should gain access to things like voxelbox, animationbox, etc.. Am I alone in this? I can create the best mechanics but without art, music, and animations the game will look poopy. Adding these options in for pro subscribers would really accelerate building games. Especially since all the other software are hit and miss and only temporarily available :(

  • Sebastian says:

    Hey guys you have to think when someone is offering a Software for 100% FREE?You can be sure you have to expect a absolutly worst software and a very bad support.How a company can existing when offering something for FREE?They can’t imporive anything.You can’t make big steps with your business.
    Buildbox FREE Version is a great solution for all the newbies.Check it out and try it as long you need to see what is possible.Start building a game and then when your ready then click the order button for the pro version to complete your game and you can make money really quick with it!

  • BB 4Life says:

    I think Trey is the biggest supporter of the Buildbox community. He could’ve easily not have made a free version, but the community asked for a free version and the community got it. 45 comments and only two comments saying Thanks to Trey! SMH Unbelievable…. Where are your manners Boxers. Rude much! Trey & Team, thank you very much for allowing us to keep our price point. And for any new Boxers that will utilize the free version, I’ll say thanks for them.

  • Ned Herrington says:

    Terrible never wasting my money on this again

  • Select Start says:

    I was totally fine with paying $99 when that was the price for BB2. Now we have a much better 3D game engine that gets better and better each update for a lesser price. I think the new pricing options are definitely appropriate and I support it.

  • Juan León says:

    I have a YouTube channel and some of my followers are now boxers… Is there a referral model for influencers? I’m really happy with BB and talk everyone about it.

  • nemo_games says:

    Perfect world doesn’t exist. Well folk it’s all good for me. Thanks Trey :)

  • Janet Weber says:

    I do most of my work fork for the desktop, so how about offering the free version for the desk top instead of the mobile export?

  • Andrey says:

    Trey Smith, please add at least 4 Worlds and a screen saver, but we don’t ask a lot.

  • Jozef says:

    A friendly warning, not only for developers but even for Trey & Co.

    A Buildbox Splash Screen might add some negative “budget value look” or an unprofessional presentation of a game. I’m okay with the 1 world limitation for a free Buildbox but the splash screen thing should be removed in my opinion.

    • Ciaran says:

      I don’t think so. As a business, this would be a free way to get your business promoted. I found Unity because some games had “made by Unity” as a splash screen. I

  • Mohammed says:

    To me as a current paid “pro subscription” user I find the new pricing is too much aggressive and completely not acceptable, you want us to pay 500$ instead of 300$!! I see it as a horrible nightmare for the current customers!! You’ve increased our subscription fee by 66%!! what a new year happy surprise!

  • Ahamd4MayLod says:

    very good options .. but hope to add some features to the free version ,, like “2 world” because 1 world is not enough .. thanks.

  • gio says:

    it is not fair, i bought buildbox3 299usd now u must pay 499 why

  • Tolga Kara says:

    Hey Trey, listen to the crowd who commented in the bottom. Please make a software for these guys which you ask no payment at all. Also it has to be perfect, it must make a perfect game for them with a single magic click. Do not put any constraints, give them support whenever they want, and make them millionare in no time! Do this because those business owner guys are all so serious, their brilliant game will surely make millions in no time but they can’t affor do pay 60 bucks for it. A very bad fate, please imagine this Trey, you are 100% sure that your monster-hit game will hit the game market when it comes out, it will bring millions in weeks but you can’t find $60 to make it! This is how serious businesses operate these days. So Trey, please do what they say, otherwise they will prefer some dead-in-the-water engine instead of Buildbox! You may have 100s of successful customers who already hit the game market and make satisfactory return for their investment but who cares? It seems saving their $60 is more important than having an effective tool to speed up development and increase the chance of making a faster return of investment for people…

    • SirBuildAlot says:

      Wow, you really need to get over yourself! :D

    • Thewatchmen says:

      If you truly want something in life then you won’t let anything get in your way, no matter how many Limitations and barriers get in the way. The free version can still make the game with your dreams, to get rid of the limitations you only need to make the purchase. There are plenty of ways to make money online, if you struggle to find $60 try taking a look at outsourcing apps that you can sell your services on and make the $60 that you require

    • Aaron Black says:

      You’re an idiot! Consider a case by case basis. Don’t generalize, you twat!!!

  • Antonio Miguel Velez says:

    Can someone explain me one thing?

    If i buy today (17 december) the pro plan i will pay 299$?
    If i buy tomorrow (18 december) after the free version release i will pay 499$?

    • Thewatchmen says:

      If you bought it on the 17th the price will be the promise you bought it on the 18th, it will be the no price.
      If you are a current subscriber, your price won’t change unless your subscription expires it is not renewed

  • Why even bother!?

    You make a free version in wich you want 10% of the ad revenue but at the same time you cripple the free version with ONLY 1 WORLD and dramatically limit the monetization possibilities. Just to remind you: 10% of nothing is still nothing! All this while making the pro (actually usefull) version even more financially unreachable than it already was!

    What was the reasoning behind this decision? please help me understand!?

    • Thewatchmen says:

      It’s the same kind of deal the other companies use when they have a free version. In fact some other Companies force you to keep their splash screen no matter what. As far as 10% revenue goes, that’s nothing considering publishes generally take 50% at least and all the way up to 70%. But as soon as you start making money you’ll be able to afford the professional software that allows you to keep 100%, unless of course you go through a publisher

  • I think having an integrated marketplace where people can sell assets (media and programmatic ones) like other companies do and take a cut from it would help to bring subscription cost down eventually

  • William Gray says:

    Wow what a wrecking ball aha. Them prices are ridiculous. Can see lots of people going else where. What happen to having a mid tire something people could actually afford..?

    • Thewatchmen says:

      Back when I first signed up to Buildbox it was super high in price. It’s still way less than what it used to be. Plus, I remember people always saying that would be happy to pay if they could at least test it first. I fit one am thankful that listened to the community and went ahead to make the free version

  • Dave says:

    Can I ask what happens for those of us that already have paid versions? I just bought the indie version for $199 in October. So what happens now?

  • kevin says:

    You are releasing a free version,that’s awesome but making a pro version price higher is what makes me switch to other softwares!

    • Thewatchmen says:

      It’s still cheaper than the price that I bought it originally for. That being said, it’s possible to make a Enough money with the free version To then turn around and purchase the pro version just to update the app so that you can get more money and get rid of the limitations

  • Adahra says:

    For now better option is Godot Engine. It a free and open source.

  • faran says:

    Thanks for giving buildbox free ….
    But splash screen marketing and getting 10% of revenue is not a good option.
    Buildbox should choose one…. If you say that it’s free.

  • Ashish says:

    Will there be an option to export to HTML5 ?

  • Selva M says:

    Very Sorry, pricing is extremely bad !!! Will go with Gamemaker Studio or Godot is a better option.

  • Mehmet Turk says:

    This is not fair! Even it’s not totally free, you shouldnt have to put free section. Because you marketing as free (so-called) and prices are became higher. Its impossible to pay 500$ dollar even in one year commitment.

    Not everyone lives in US, EU or some wester countries. Not all developers has same income from ads and in app purchase.. I think it should be fair for 2nd and 3rd world countries developers and also for 1st one countries developers..

    This is huge mistake you are doing!

    • K Naga sai Vishnu says:

      I agree with you, pricing is ridiculous….

    • Thewatchmen says:

      Thanks to technology there are plenty Of ways For people who are in a third world country to make a decent amount of money. If you need money, check out fiverr, you could do almost anything to make money there

  • Jude Wilson says:

    I don’t think there should be a year commitment. After all nobody will then buy it because they will get the one year plan for cheaper. And some people might buy the monthly one just for testing.

    • Jude Wilson says:

      Also plus wasn’t the old pro cost $300?

    • Kerem says:

      Absolutely I agree with you. Also as a student, I can’t get a $300 version and now not possible that I buy Buildbox Pro whose price has increased absurdly . Not everyone lives in US, EU or some wester countries. At least you can arrange prices according to countries like some applications .

      As for the free version. Please don’t make fun of us. How can game made with excessive limitations ? ( Especially one-world limitation)

      Bye Buildbox !!!

  • Vincent Baidoo-Lowe says:

    I don’t think there should be a year commitment for monthly payments

    • Trey Smith says:

      Thanks for the feedback Vincent. I completely understand where you’re coming from and would love to add some context.

      We unfortunately need a year commitment now that we have a free version. If not, it would be very easy to create a game in the free version, and then upgrade to Pro for one month only to export… and then go back to free. This is the same reason other companies in the game dev space have year commitments as well.

      Because of this change is also why we decided to drop the price of Pro to the lowest monthly cost ever (it used to be $99/month).

  • Trinity says:

    very pleased to see a free version. but i think it’s a mistake to then only have the pro version after that. for sure there should be something in between free and pro, maybe call it “classic”, i don’t know, but there’s a tier missing, say $29.95 a month. i don’t believe that it would cannibalize pro sales, and it’s more budget friendly for people in need of such consideration, meaning they need more than free but can’t quite comfortably afford pro. and it’s quite likely that they’ll end up bumping to pro eventually,

  • Terre says:

    I’d like the first year of commitment to be removed because it’s still quite a bit ashen!

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