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By February 27, 2020Buildbox

Good news, Boxers! We’re bringing the Buildbox Plus plan back at a new lower price! With it, you’ll have the option to remove the Buildbox logo from your splash screen and the ability to add five worlds to your games with unlimited scenes. 

This new Buildbox Plus plan will also feature easy export to iOS, Android, and Windows. Plus, AdMob and ironSource SDK integration. Although there are no in-app purchase or custom ads options, it’s a huge upgrade from Buildbox Free, without breaking the bank. You’ll be able to make professional-looking 2D and 3D games for only $9.99 per month or $75.99 per year. All of our subscriptions are set at a 1-year commitment, which you’ll be able to later choose to opt-out of or renew. 

Buildbox Plus

Buildbox Plus Plan ($9.99 per month or $75.99 per year)

  • Customizable Splash Screen
  • 5 World Limit
  • Unlimited Scenes
  • Export (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Easy Monetization AdMob and ironSource SDKs 

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade from Free, but not quite ready for Pro, this plan is a great option. With Buildbox Plus, you’ll have access to the latest version of our software, Buildbox 3, which includes all of our no-code and low-code game building features from smart assets to nodes. You can create up to five different immersive 2D and 3D worlds to challenge players. There’s also 100+ preloaded assets in Buildbox 3 to help you quickly build out the levels or scenes in your game. And of course, there’s an option to drag and drop your own assets into the software to use as well.

There are also smart asset templates based on popular gameplay mechanics and our new feature, called Brainboxes that allow you to add actions to any image or 3D model instantly with no-code necessary. However, it doesn’t stop there. Buildbox 3 gives you the option to create your dream game with the use of nodes. Our smart nodes let you add advanced logic to any object or character. 

Another perk of the Plus plan is the ability to customize your game further by removing the Buildbox logo from the splash screen. Now, with Buildbox Plus, you can start promoting your indie game studio by adding your own logo to your game’s splash screen. 

Ready to get started building your dream game? Click the button below to view all our pricing options! 

Pricing Plans

If you have any questions about our new Buildbox Plus plan or your subscription options, please contact our support team at

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