Buildbox Livestream Tutorial: Neon City Asset Pack

By May 20, 2020Buildbox

This week’s Buildbox Livestream with Zack Griset, our Product Evangelist, will happen on Friday, May 22nd, at 10 AM PST! He’ll be showing you how to use our new Neon City Asset Pack to create a racing game from start to finish. You’ll learn how to build a two or three-lane racing themed game using all of the fantastic 3D art in our free Neon City Asset Pack. 

This exclusive bundle with 300+ assets is available for anyone who participates in our Buildbox Ambassador Program. If you refer a friend using your unique referral link and they download Buildbox, you’ll automatically receive this massive game art pack. It features tons of cyberpunk-themed assets and effects, including futuristic cars, flashing neon signs, UI buttons, backdrops, and more. This pack also features cool visual effects along with sound effects! 

Buildbox Livestream Tutorial: Creating a Racing 3D Game

During the live tutorial, Zack will walk you through each step to build out a 3D racing game using the Neon City Asset Pack. You’ll also learn how to use different features in Buildbox like the camera, character, and enemy movement. Also, path gameplay and logic to build a complete lane racing game. Plus, there’s a live Q&A portion, so you can ask Zack questions as you watch and follow along. 

You can access the Buildbox Livestream Friday, May 22nd at 10 AM PST on any of our following accounts below:

If you want to learn how to use the Neon City Asset Pack in your games, you don’t want to miss this Livestream! You can watch our previous Buildbox Livestream Tutorial episodes below: 

Also to get notified when the next Livestream starts, be sure to subscribe to our official Twitch and YouTube channels. Remember to tune in this Friday, May 22nd, at 10 AM PST to watch Zack create a 3D racing game using the Neon City Asset Pack live! 

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