added: AdIntegrator class for better custom 3rd party SDK support
updated: improving OpenGL support on Windows
updated: font editor improvements, checking limits, auto-sizing font atlas
updated: faster encrypting/loading/saving/exporting of BBDOCs
updated: event observer now uses running total for coins/currency
updated: removed native x86 support for Android devices, Intel discontinuing (should use emulation instead)
fixed: possible build issues with new Android Studio 3.1.x
fixed: no default value if dropdown lists are empty
fixed: sidebars not refreshing correctly
fixed: purchase complete sound is triggered when purchase failed
fixed: animation twitching due to incorrect sprite offsets
fixed: share button fix for Android 8
fixed: preview not coming to the front when button clicked
fixed: prevent multiple connections between the same two objects.
fixed: wrong button state with purchase button/ one-time purchase
fixed: game services asking to login if the player previously denies
fixed: opacity is not working on the Start screen
fixed: crash when canceling loading
fixed: purchase button sound ignoring states
fixed: Google sign-in prompting multiple times
fixed: ground collision sound cut off
fixed: crashes while saving or loading BBDOCs
fixed: one-way platform broken if rotated
fixed: character control buttons stop working
fixed: full-screen action animation for iPhone X is not correct
fixed: multiple random crashes on Android
fixed: rapid firing component action locks up
fixed: saving a large game with preview open takes much longer than normal
fixed: Event observer Time Out broken, can not edit Time value
fixed: crash related to linkers
fixed: cant change color of particle emitters
fixed: action duration not correct
fixed: rapid firing of action locks up game
fixed: issue with Windows based exports
fixed: fields not able to be empty after initial edit

added: support for new payment plans
added: allow access to scores for analytics
added: message to clarify version/BBDOC support
added: hide virtual buttons on android
added: event type: Timeout to event observer
updated: renamed Around the World preset to World Jumper
fixed: labels not showing in iOS
fixed: object order not correct after copying worlds
fixed: deletion thresholds with iPhoneX ratios are out of whack
fixed: character layering issues
fixed: game frame not showing during debug
fixed: taking damage animation not triggering sound every time
fixed: screen resizing incorrect on Android
fixed: hide game services button if unavailable
fixed: crash when second portal is scaled down
fixed: close animation not playing after purchase button
fixed: top down evaluation of event observers is broken
fixed: missing removeads methods on Android
fixed: iPhone X screen adjustments
fixed: UI/Scene editors freak out when setting object scale to 0,0
fixed: crash when creating game with multiple worlds
fixed: random character unlock charging double currency
fixed: auto screen adjustment not working correctly for landscape
fixed: exporting EXE from Mac not working
fixed: Buildbox not working on macOS older than 10.13
fixed: path not working correctly if layered above character
fixed: object is immovable after being sent to back
fixed: buttons in wrong position after being scaled in key frames
fixed: unlocking characters, no message if not enough currency is available
fixed: many layering issues in outliner
fixed: not able to save work when closing BB from start screen
fixed: object deletion in asset bar causes crash in some cases
fixed: various crashes when loading BBDOCs
fixed: collision shape update issues in scene editor
fixed: set default value for versionCode in Android settings
fixed: Removing character asset from non-start section causes crash
fixed: admob/vungle activity not commented properly on android
fixed: encryption error on iOS
fixed: crash adding menu jump
fixed: update Facebook iOS SDK to 4.28.0
fixed: not able to move the scene to end
fixed: labels not showing on iOS
fixed: deleting object asset crash when animation editor is open
fixed: scene order not correct after duplication
fixed: objects sticking in UI editor
fixed: OSX export has linker error
fixed: bullet shooting backwards on device
fixed: character object ghosts not moving together

added: automated crash reporting for Windows app
added: option to stop BGM at death
added: ability to copy groups
added: allow access to scores (PTPScoreController.h)
fixed: imported graphics being deleted from project
fixed: score label displayed if layered under background
fixed: not able to properly set controller keys is settings
fixed: scene editor snap grid not restricted to scene editor
fixed: Android share not displaying screenshot
fixed: moving objects with arrows not snapping in just one axis
fixed: Win export not saving unlocks
fixed: not showing character after unlock
fixed: sounds not being removed from BBDOC
fixed: issues with action sounds
fixed: multiple objects not pasted together in layers
fixed: HeyZap reward issues
fixed: issue with deletion thresholds and window dimensions

added: labels to animation editor
fixed: not able to edit ui asset animations
fixed: unicode support in filenames
fixed: missing jar files from Android export
fixed: buttons disabled after completing level
fixed: multile issues with Start scene
fixed: ability to right click to set animation point
fixed: unable to merge dex for some devices
fixed: variable spawn rate missing
fixed: tabbing fields not always working as expected
fixed: Androd versionCode check
fixed: unable to (d)uplicate actions and objects
fixed: close ui not playing after death or menu jump
fixed: unsed images not being removed
fixed: possible BBDOC corruption
fixed: CFBundleIconFile error on Apple submission
fixed: missing Android billing permissions
fixed: fixes for 3 finger gestures on Mac trackpad
fixed: portals not functional after scene duplication
fixed: too many dupes after multi select of linked objects
fixed: Mindmap crash
fixed: iPhoneX sizing issues
fixed: issues with simultaneous button presses on device
fixed: mirror issues on device
fixed: crash while pasting character
fixed: issue with deleting multiselected objects
fixed: deleting scenes after world duplication caused crash
fixed: extra particles being displayed
fixed: crash on Android when using min API less than 20
fixed: issues with copy/paste/multiple select
fixed: windows EXE export (no encryption)
fixed: additional remove unused assets fixes
fixed: dex errors build APK
fixed: iPhoneX aspect ratio issues
fixed: death sound issues
fixed: issues with mirrors causing crash
fixed: taking damage sound not playing
fixed: moving linked objects not synched
fixed: multiple issues linked objects

updated: update HeyZap to 9.15.5 on iOS
fixed: issues with duplication of start scene
fixed: variable spawn rate missing
fixed: crash when editing advanced move
fixed: issues with deleting, copying and arranging scenes
fixed: duplicating connected objects not consistently working
fixed: iPhone X preview black screen
fixed: fixed invalid path for icons on xcode
fixed: files crashing on load
fixed: ad networks not building
fixed: buttons disabled after menu jump
fixed: missing ad network jar files

updated: iPhoneX support
updated: Xcode 9 is preferred
updated: Android Studio support
updated: multi selection and editing
updated: advanced snap grid features
updated: reworked manipulator
updated: redesigned creator
updated: vastly improved loading speed
updated: reworked undo/redo system

added: optional Encrypt datafiles when exporting via project settings
added: score component for resetting World
added: B key workaround for redirecting Android back button
added: Once per game option for purchase button
added: Break the Chain preset
added: Pinball preset
added: Rush Ball preset
added: Shape War preset
update: Heyzap SDK 9.10.2 iOS and Android
update: distance now based on character instead of camera
update: added options in settings for sharing scores
fixed: Back Jump/To button issues
fixed: Multiple scoring issues
fixed: Lock Star preset fixes
fixed: Square Stacker preset fixes
fixed: Object death animation not showing
fixed: Crash duplicating world
fixed: IAP owned but not consumed (for testing)
fixed: tvOS crashes
fixed: Multiple advanced move issues
fixed: Multiple wakeup/sleep issues
fixed: Missing background when switching scenes
fixed: not removing unused linker objects
fixed: jump animation stops when releasing button
fixed: current scores resetting incorrectly
fixed: android hardware back button fixes
fixed: configuration window not fitting on screen
fixed: back jump not working
fixed: bullet collision crash
fixed: release sound not matching button release
fixed: collision shape not flipping
fixed: exe is crashing
fixed: adv move not detecting object collisions
fixed: missing wall jump unlock feature
fixed: ui causing crash
fixed: iso jump issue with double jump and click
fixed: adv move and portal cause duplicate characters
fixed: removing incorrect objects
fixed: issue with square stacker preset
fixed: issue with lock star preset
fixed: redirect not resetting with reset button
fixed: crash with multiple unlock
fixed: changing existing font crash
fixed: objects not appearing in correct location
fixed: issues with character after portal resize
fixed: chartboost issue on Android
fixed: large memory issue on Windows
fixed: sounds not stopping when object is deleted
fixed: tvOS crashes on device
fixed: lives not resetting correctly
fixed: display issue with many path objects
fixed: pause current world not working correctly

updated: HeyZap iOS SDK to 10.2.0
updated: HeyZap Android SDK to 10.2.0
updated: Chartboost iOS SDK to 6.5.2
updated: Chartboost Android SDK to 6.6.1
updated: Admob iOS to 7.14.0 (stand alone)
updated: Xcode project updated to Xcode 8
updated: now building Mac with QT 5.6.2
fixed: screen moving after level transition
fixed: cleaned up DLLs for Win32 export
fixed: can’t close window when in background
fixed: text is getting clipped in Mac title bar
fixed: clones are ignoring different wakeup/sleep settings
fixed: health getting lost while invincible
fixed: bounce not working with move components
fixed: button not looping
fixed: crash returning to main menu
fixed: not opening BBDOC when ignoring restore
fixed: missing save points at game over and others

fixed: incorrect behavior when embedding particles in animations
fixed: issue with square stacker preset
fixed: leaderboard rounding issue with android exports

updated: added new presets
fixed: start UI music not playing on initial load
fixed: issues with second play
fixed: object speed too fast after BB1 conversion
fixed: some particle behaviour issues
fixed: crash after pressing back button
fixed: have to press restart 2x
fixed: issues with EXE export
fixed: issues with auto-rotation
fixed: revmob banner display issues
fixed: default tvOS bundle ID issue
fixed: score resetting incorrectly after start checkpoint
fixed: performance issue with many points on path objects
fixed: file saving issues
fixed: fixed rotation causes animation issue
fixed: refilling checkpoint does not re-activate button
fixed: fixed crash when duplicating scenes

added: force switch state for swith button
fixed: some labels missing on ios
fixed: selected icon not applied in character selector
fixed: portals not working with advanced move
fixed: close UI animation not playing when usig back/back/jump/restart
fixed: multiply/add operation in advance move
fixed: multiple unlock opacity not appearing in keyframe editor
fixed: character jump animation not playing
fixed: score sometimes off by 1 for game center submission
fixed: jumping on enemy connection causing crash
fixed: taking damage sound not playing
fixed: weblink unlock not working on character
fixed: multiply operation not workin in advanced move
fixed: Android back button not exiting app
fixed: close UI not playing
fixed: portals not working with advance move
fixed: file crashing on preview
fixed: selected icon not applied correctly
fixed: labels missing on iOS
fixed: crash with Steam and EXE
fixed: sound buttons not working correctly
fixed: update to HeyZap 9.6.5 on iOS
fixed: particle texture incorreclty removed from sidebar

updated: all new version of audio engine
updated: useability improvements to UI
updated: libpng update per Google warning
updated: updated Default preset
updated: added new presets
fixed: can’t compile Steam export
fixed: some BB1 conversion causes crash
fixed: fixed multi-screen issues
fixed: crash related to OSX 10.9
fixed: swipe controller not working
fixed: rotation mapper not working
fixed: not migrating to forced movement properly
fixed: double click BBDOC causes crash
fixed: issues with defeated animations and looping
fixed: wake up distance not working
fixed: jumping issues with gameplay actions

added: fixed rotation to gameplay action
fixed: world components missing after copy/paste
fixed: switch button rquires 2 hits to activate
fixed: shared UI not working on multiple worlds
fixed: multiple UI not working on second world
fixed: switch button not able to be shared to multiple worlds
fixed: can’t select locked object in layer editor
fixed: collision properties are being inherited
fixed: objects not staying in groups when duplicating
fixed: cut/paste start node causes crash
fixed: affected asset is missing
fixed: chinese and english characters not aligning
fixed: character animation missing after taking damage
fixed: start screen not appearing on Windows EXE
fixed: Vungle key not saving
fixed: no purchase button sound when using IAP
fixed: background music does not stop immediately at defeated
fixed: preview crashes
fixed: not displaying portals in debug
fixed: various around the world preset fixes
fixed: defeated animations not appearing
fixed: audio interrupts BGM from other apps
fixed: resetting progress does not lock characters
fixed: layering of connected objects
fixed: gatekeeper crash
fixed: BGM from start UI not playing

added: ability to set bgm on Start node
fixed: back jump sometimes not working correctly
fixed: character unable to share component action
fixed: gameplay action slowing objects but not characters
fixed: scene duplication causing scenes to reorder
fixed: ads not showing on devices
fixed: core lib not building for uwp export
fixed: start scene removed during BBDOC conversion
fixed: component action not activating on collision
fixed: not able to change direction of on-way collision
fixed: action animation not layering correctly
fixed: crashes at game over
fixed: duplicate character not using ghost jump
fixed: bullets being duplicated
fixed: duplicated character losing collision shapes
fixed: crash when dupicating character
fixed: atlas optimization causes hang

fixed: not able to select affected asset in transform
fixed: deleting object may cause crash
fixed: clicking gameplay layer may cause crash
fixed: action animation only playing first frame
fixed: world component state not saving
fixed: full screen action not centering when overlay
fixed: possible crash when removing unused level objects

added: component system for worlds
fixed: around the world gameplay
fixed: flag is disappearing in future scenes
fixed: single unlock characters not appearing
fixed: fixed wake up UI after conversion
fixed: crash when adding objects
fixed: multiple unlock characters not appearing
fixed: character sticking at checkpoint
fixed: motor buttons not converting properly
fixed: can’t grab object handle only when overlapping scene handle
fixed: image direction fixes
fixed: crash during preview

added: fullscreen button for UWP
added: unlock character for WebLink
added: one time purchase
updated: better support for AndroidTV, remotes and hardware buttons
fixed: exe export does not produce exe file
fixed: crash when clicking on world
fixed: windows to large for some screens
fixed: issue with rotation mapper animation with less than 360 frames
fixed: connection not updated when typing in new position
fixed: connected enemy bullt surviving after death
fixed: preview not closing when closing main window
fixed: rapid tapping post-death cases level to unlock
fixed: objects with 0 opacity set in editor are still clickable
fixed: intel hd 3000 cards causing OpenGL issue and crash
fixed: bottom scrollbar in scene toolbar not working
fixed: update resets coins and points
fixed: issue with unmuting sound
fixed: accelerometer not working
fixed: selected animation does not show in multiple unlock
fixed: multiple and single character unlock not synched
fixed: file crashes after jumping for a time
fixed: crash when deleting nodes on mind map
fixed: preview single scene not working
fixed: score not starting from 0
fixed: pause music while showing Vungle ad on UWP

added: swipe controller
added: support for unified windows platform export
updated: added warning about circle collisions maintaining aspect
updated: creator includes main menu and game over by default
fixed: loading counter is stuck at 0
fixed: remove ads button not going away after purchase
fixed: opecity changes not appearing in scene editor
fixed: copy/paste creating 2 copies
fixed: custom font reverting to default
fixed: can’t edit collision shape in animation editor
fixed: using correct Z-index for dropped items in UI
fixed: tvOS now using 60FPS
fixed: name field in animation editor
fixed: remove unused loading bar properties
fixed: action button still active after death
fixed: removed characters from Start node
fixed: menu just not pausing world
fixed: comma causing crash in font size
fixed: text entry and drop menus acting up on mouse scroll
fixed: better naming for clones in outliner
fixed: issue with shooting sound duration
fixed: interstitial ads resetting score
fixed: issues with unlock button getting mixed up
fixed: many crashes

fixed: crash due to invalid collision shape
fixed: crash pressing play
fixed: linked name field in animation editor properly
fixed: issue with validating new licenses
fixed: crash on windows with path
fixed: crash on windows defeated animation

initial Buildbox 2.0 release

updated: android ndk to r12b
updated: chartboost ios sdk
updated: leadbolt ios sdk
updated: heyzap ios sdk
updated: heyzap android sdk
updated: libpng updated for Android
fixed: game frame issues
fixed: crash when clicking play
fixed: crash when deleting objects
fixed: cleanup build of all modules
fixed: next checkpoint clearing score
fixed: character death animation does not play
fixed: revmob fullscreen issues
fixed: animation continue when paused
fixed: memory leak with spawners
fixed: gameplay action stil active after death during game over delay
fixed: change bounce force during gameplay action not working
fixed: downward bounce issues
fixed: chinese and english characters not aligned
fixed: mute/unmute in pause menu does not continue

added: welcome screen
added: support for hidpi Windows screens
added: support for retina Mac screens
added: unicode support for labels
added: basic support for tvOS
added: character unlock image
updated: better kerning support for fonts
updated: better support for El Capitan
updated: now supporting android API 23 (6.0)
updated: better support for Xcode 7 and iOS 9 SDK
updated: Applovin iOS SDk to 3.2.2
updated: HeyZap Android SDK to 9.3.9
updated: Revmob Android SDK to 9.0.8
fixed: update failing if icon is renamed
fixed: locked animation not showing on device
fixed: distance counts up when traveling in reverse
fixed: rewarded video button showing when no ad is available
fixed: rewarded video button still showing after play
fixed: rewarded video button affected by remove ads IAP
fixed: many defeated animation issues
fixed: many motocross gameplay issues
fixed: many jumping gameplay issues
fixed: many checkpoint related issues
fixed: issues with linked spawners
fixed: select wrong character in character selector
fixed: crashing after deleting a scene
fixed: issue with OSX deleting working files
fixed: excessive drift in hardware controllers
fixed: rewarded video button showing on initial boot
fixed: crash while deleting an object being dragged
fixed: very small Y value on logic causing crash
fixed: z-order not matching in animation and scene editors
fixed: heyzap crash issues on Android
fixed: crashes on Steam
fixed: incorrect function of unmute on Pause screen
fixed: crash using Mac trackpad
fixed: crash undoing deleted objects
fixed: object clones not restored with undo
fixed: sound related crashing on some Android devices
fixed: issue with some landscape launch images

added: ability for actions to reward points
added: interval for purchase buttons
added: random unlock feature
added: character locked animation
added: resize of OSX windows
added: ability to share game over screen
added: improved sound management
fixed: issues with HeyZap being included as active network
fixed: character trail spawners spawning in character selector
fixed: crash at game over if signing out of google game services
fixed: restore purchases not restoring characters
fixed: re-enabled base controller support
fixed: optimize not removing some unused images
fixed: issue with text not displaying correctly in some cases
fixed: affected asset in logic being renamed
fixed: move anitmation being displayed when jumping from ground
fixed: windows and fullscreen buttons in windows export
fixed: altered anchor point causing some objects to disappear
fixed: MSVCR100.DLL errors
fixed: character bullet not flipping direction
fixed: lots of minor issues and crashes
updated: HeyZap to v9.0.6
updated: Leadbolt SDK

added: option to adjust vertical spacing in character selector
fixed: issue with touch area on unlock button
fixed: font spacing issues with labels
fixed: move animation not playing when using joystock control
fixed: idle sound continues to loop after death
fixed: font is not built automatically for new BBDOC
fixed: issues with sticky jump
fixed: font artifact when using space character in some fonts
fixed: 0 not valid for logic transform
fixed: remove all sound objects not clearing stranded sounds
fixed: control issues when multiple buttons are pressed
fixed: defeated objects populating under lighting effect
fixed: disabled auto-lock for accelerometer games on Android
fixed: atlas optimization issues
fixed: checkpoints not working at distance greater than 100k
fixed: wrong name be ing used for icon name
fixed: black character names now accepted
fixed: multiple issues with rewarded video button

fixed: issues with OpenAL check on Windows
fixed: charaters getting reset when using multipe selects
fixed: objects resetting layer position
fixed: convert older purchase button IAP to new version
fixed: bounce sticking on occasion
fixed: logic transform affecting collisions
fixed: issues with dragging multiple characters to start scene
fixed: layering of bullet spawner
fixed: rare issues with restart checkpoint
fixed: purchase of characters for free
fixed: enemy bullet wakeup distance
fixed: character reordering issues
fixed: atlas related crashes
fixed: crashes related to trial license on Windows
fixed: collision shape offset with negative scale
fixed: gameplay actions changing orientation
fixed: overlay action not stopping when defeated
fixed: various misc issues in EXE export
fixed: values or transform not duplicating properly
fixed: second jump button not working

fixed: revert sticky jump fix, broke jump animation

fixed: shorter version number causing issues with save files on Mac

added: Multiple characters
added: Unlock characters via coins, iap or rewarded video
added: Logic effect: transform
added: Amazon Game Circle support
added: Heyzap support
added: Character AutoTilt property
added: RevMob and Applovin in to waterfall
added: Showing Custom Interstitials
update: Steam SDK to latest
update: Facebook Ads 4.3.0
update: HeyZap SDK to 9.0.0
update: Vungle SDK for Android to 3.3.1
update: AppLovin iOS SDK to 3.0.0
update: AppLovin Android from version 5.3 to 6.0
update: Windows Desktop support
update: Windows Store support
update: more Undo/Redo support
fixed: Skip Checkpoint Not Working Intermittently
fixed: All sub-windows should be “on top”
fixed: Bounce sticking on occasion with moving platform
fixed: Unable to select current scene in scene bar
fixed: Deleting trail removes texture from atlas even it used by another object
fixed: Scene editor defaults to landscape, but settings default to portrait.
fixed: Remember coordinates/zoom settings when switching between scene and interface editor
fixed: Android building issue
fixed: Missing keyboard shortcut to set Character Bullet
fixed: Shadow remains after character dies
fixed: Back button on Amazon should *NOT* exit app fixed back button on Info screen
fixed: Default value for damage
fixed: Removed Unused Objects Removes Actions/Buttons/In Use Items
fixed: Deleting Object from Object bar in Animation Editor causes crash
fixed: Amazon IAP: skip button in phases works in BB, but does not work in Amazon after successful IAP
fixed: If bundle ID is blank for exported platform warn user and provide default.
fixed: Convert to Clones on a Spawner undoes Spawners in the same Scene
fixed: Selected button image after assigned button release
fixed: Action button only activates on release
fixed: Crash for GC integration
fixed: Added missing files to VS project
fixed: Ads behavior changed Ads backup order
fixed: Remove Unused Sound Objects on Blank File Causes crash
fixed: Layering issue cannot send character to front or back of background objects
fixed: Character disappears when killed
fixed: Jump From Ground project setting will stay changed in Project Settings after Gameplay Action
fixed: During Game Over Delay Character Can Collect Actions Causing Crash
fixed: add check and informational message about installing OpenAL drivers on Windows computers
fixed: loading object during screen transitions
fixed: Random Text jumbled in bottom left corner of game menus
fixed: different fonts usage for characters drawing and measuring
fixed: font size issue
fixed: bug with Font Builder Win7/64b B220

added: enable keybord shortcuts for zoom (cmd+/cmd-)
added: button for link out URL
updated: iOS Admob SDK to 7.2.2
fixed: text/label misalign (old files need to refresh font)
fixed: unselectable background
fixed: joystick/accelerometer
fixed: game over delay
fixed: various crashes
fixed: various issues with sound not playing

added: undo/redo feature
added: new audio engine
added: ad network waterfalls
added: facebook like button
updated: applovin sdk
updated: admob sdk
updated: rebmob sdk
updated: improved support for winrt, win32, exe
fixed: crash when deleting scene
fixed: applovin banner on top of screen
fixed: some screenshots not taking at correct size
fixed: gameplay sounds in file not playing
fixed: OSX game in fullscreen keyboard does not work
fixed: crashes when changing Atlas name.
fixed: deleting object in live preview causes crash
fixed: interface button disappears and blocks function
fixed: duplicating object in interface editor crashes buildbox.
fixed: one way collision
fixed: do not background music is it already in play
fixed: Keyboard Binding will not accept alternate arrow key
fixed: Game frame not adjusting properly with Screen Adjustment selected
fixed: mute music/sound when displaying a video ad (Vungle)
fixed: Connected Enemy Objects Dissapear when destroyed with Bullet but still collide and kill character
fixed: Remember settings for Preview scale
fixed: scene toolbar state can vary between open and collapsed state
fixed: Flag Textures Will Not Delete from Atlases, Causes Crasg
fixed: animation editor attributes either don’t save
fixed: do not stop death sound after death animation end
fixed: Crashing intermittently on device after death
fixed: Deleting Facebook Share button causes crash
fixed: Flat on flat collision with character walking will stick eventually
fixed: Downward bounce preset is broken
fixed: admob and iAd banner issues
fixed: Max Refill and Refill Time Defaulting to Zeros in BB Preview
fixed: Refill Timeout Going Negative in Buildbox Preview
fixed: Changing to Wheel object type leaves Destroy Type
fixed: chartboost (and leadbolt) issue, game freezes
fixed: game crashing at game over screen when pressing restart
fixed: Connected Fixed Object Does Not Play Animation
fixed: resettings games does not reset count of all power ups
fixed: Windows: Buildbox checking for updates every time opened or opening new file from outside Buildbox
fixed: Game Speed Does Not Change Back after Gameplay Action duration
fixed: Prevent BB from overwriting previously exported project
fixed: When exporting for OSX game in fullscreen keyboard does not work
fixed: font size for Windows
fixed: crash when deleting light attached to character
fixed: issue when camera moves to origin
fixed: BBDOC crashing upon clicking or preview
fixed: APK crashes on game over when not entering leaderboard ID
fixed: reset on OS X does not reset progress
fixed: crash when deleting light attached to character
fixed: character and background layering issues
fixed: File crashing when deleting certain objects
fixed: Pause Menu Back to Main Menu to Start Game x2 Crashes on Device
fixed: Bullet Attached shoots at atlas size not cloned settings
fixed: File Showing Removed Main Menu Background when returning from Info Screen
fixed: File Crashing When Adding New Scene or Opening an Existing Scene
fixed: No Collide Physics Object Changes other Objects
fixed: turn off ground collision detection when object is enemy
fixed: Coin Shop functions differently when accessed from Main Menu
fixed: Kill All Enemies Not Destroying Spawned Enemies
fixed: sound for object/enemy does not play completely after second appearance of object
fixed: Start/End sounds not working correctly with coins, play sound on Game Over Screen
fixed: review button crashes when using “market://” URL on Google Play
fixed: ability to drag/drop directly into death animation (exploding ball trick)
fixed: User Text Labels are in a different place in preview than on editor
fixed: in sidescroller, as camera moves up with character the ground has disappeared when coming back down
fixed: not able to save BBDOC due to issue with unicode characters on windows
fixed: Label off alignment issue and add couple new scripts for building CORE lib
fixed: Remove on screen UI (gameplay UI) when showing game over screen.
fixed: stop idle sound after Start Sound activated
fixed: Power Up Sound Not Working (IDLE and END)
fixed: Trail Effect Connected to Character Does Not Dissapear When Character Dies
fixed: Back to Main Menu with Accelerometer causes crash
fixed: Refill Timeout Going Negative in Buildbox Preview
fixed: OS X 10.10 bug with dialog windows
fixed: scroll bar for OSX 10.10 (auto hide scroll bar)
fixed: Game Speed Can Be Faster Than Magnet Speed
fixed: User Text Labels are in a different place in preview than on editor
fixed: object idle sound is not working
fixed: score is not getting reported to leaderboard on game end scene (only game over screen)
fixed: Buttons from Main Menu can still be pressed in Shop despite not being visible
fixed: Power Up Sound Not Working (IDLE and END)
fixed: added IDLE sound increase while character is closer to object

added: 64bit support (iOS)
added: Review Button on End Game Screen Option
added: Exit action for Main Menu (OSX)
added: Windowed/Fullscreen actions for Info Screen (OSX)
added: Single Shooting action for spawners
fixed: Invincibility no longer killing enemies
fixed: Strike Power up not operating correctly
fixed: File crashing after leaving start scene (Infinite loop checker)
fixed: GameCenter integration (OSX)
fixed: Crash with ctrl-9
fixed: File crashing when deleting certain objects
fixed: Accelerometer causing app to crash
fixed: Flickering on android if any other activity started
fixed: Health (damage) accumulation for enemies
fixed: Game name on Window and Menu Bar (OSX)
fixed: Default resolution (OSX)
fixed: Key bindings (OSX)
fixed: Not allowing double jump on all surfaces
fixed: Atlas getting corrupted in some rare cases
fixed: Crash on some button actions (Win32, WinEXE)

added: Jump From Ground threshold
added: Object visibility optimization
added: Hi resolution Icons for Android
added: Visibility threshold for Purchase Buttons
added: Unlimited Scene size
added: Separation of Ad Network for Android
added: iPhone 6 Plus icon and Splash screen set
added: “End Scene” screen
added: One Way collision
added: Asset Bar to Interface Editor
added: Accelerometer and Joystick buttons
added: Power-ups that cost coins are not deducting from coin total
added: Power-up that can change game settings
added: Added global hot keys functionality
added: New Collision behaviors
added: Command line export
added: Game services button to pause and game over screens
added: Best Coin per session
added: “Show Reward” attribute for Actions
added: “Forced Movement” attribute in gameplay settings
added: Copy and Paste of Label Objects (and label duplicating )
added: Duplicate for Interface Editor
added: API level for Android is 21
added: Windows EXE export
added: Score Type (to share and submit score for distance or coins )
added: Loading counter on Start Screen
fixed: on iPhone 5c portrait games showing in wrong orientation
fixed: When restoring remove ads IAP upgrade button does not disappear right away
fixed: Interstitials not showing when returning from coin shop
fixed: Banner not showing on CoinShop
fixed: Sound toggle is being affected by “reset” button
fixed: Resetting game also resets remove ads IAP, it should not
fixed: Android revmob banner showing at top of screen
fixed: Connection circles get cut off when zoomed in
fixed: Android share and submit scores
fixed: Yes/no prompt respond to keyboard press
fixed: Don’t prompt to save if no changes or blank document
fixed: Windows 32 build
fixed: Invincibility power up
fixed: Do not perform damage for other objects if source object is already dead
fixed: Music is not played on Android 5.0 lollipop
fixed: Crash on Android 5.0
fixed: Bullet offscreen collision
fixed: DropDown menu click and drag issue
fixed: Incorrect behavior with character and scenes when using next checkpoint in portrait game
fixed: Collision bug if object was spawned with enabled linear mode
fixed: CMD-RightClick shortcut to select stacked image is not working in Interface Editor
fixed: Restart game on game field is restarting from checkpoint after set checkpoint
fixed: Character disappears when using controls in preview
fixed: Power up character animation scale bug
fixed: After remove ads, banner is still showing when going from info or coin shop to main menu
fixed: Crash when you deletion root of instanced objects
fixed: Button zDepth sorting and multitouch
fixed: Using “open recent” does not prompt you to save current work
fixed: Visibility check for linked objects
fixed: Sometimes can’t select object on Interface editor
fixed: Share button is crashing on iPad
fixed: Atlases optimizations not showing up in exported file
fixed: On device duplicate character issue on restart from checkpoint
fixed: If screen flashes as character dies, flash is not cleared from screen
fixed: Losing progress if you hit back button on Android
fixed: Android optimization
fixed: Removed extra jump when character died
fixed: crash if you hit restore purchase multiple times in a row
fixed: back button bug in android
fixed: In app billing for Google Play
fixed: Black screen on android after restore from background
fixed: Light casting points for circle shaped objects
fixed: Character is not replaced by power up animation
fixed: Powerups that cost coins are not deducting from coin total
fixed: Shooting animation and bullet direction issue.
updated: Revmob android SDK to 7.0.0
updated: Admob sdk for iOS to 6.12.2

and many more small bug fixes and changes

added: Object optimization
fixed: Restart checkpoint (continue button) does not work from main menu
fixed: Strike power up is horizontal in portrait+vertical scrolling game
fixed: Banners not showing on Main Menu after return from Info or Shop
fixed: iOS touch control is lost after clicking iAd banner (on game field)
fixed: Wrong touch area for buttons
fixed: Refill time out crashed on devices and goes negative on preview
fixed: GameOver is not dismissed after using next checkpoint power up
fixed: Extra image storage for data recover
fixed: Large discrepancy between score and best score
fixed: Crash on power up restart game
fixed: Remove power up idle animation if position is “replace character”

1.0.16 (hotfix release)
added: Low performance mode for slow and old Android device
fixed: Validation issue in Xcode during app submission
fixed: Warning message for Reset Progress (Android)
fixed: Sound on/off on pause screen
fixed: IAP for Android
fixed: When powerup is not always visible if you click on Use Powerup button
fixed: Place powerup under or above character from Powerup Buttons
fixed: Keep objects inside Scene area (Interface Editor)

added: License activation via key
added: Optimization during game loading on device
added: Loading progress label (on Start screen)
added: Text Label object for game field
fixed: Exported only ad networks SDK that used inside bbdoc file (iOS)
fixed: If application is not using any Ads it will not include adSupport.framework
fixed: Character is stuttering in some portrait games
fixed: Leaderboard is not sending score if not configured
fixed: Light optimization
fixed: Only first ~30 scenes shuffle in game with 100+ stacked scenes
added: VersionCode field to setting for for Android devices
fixed: Amazon SDK crash on device
fixed: Respawn checkpoint vehicle missing wheels
fixed: “stick to edge” for text labels in menu editor
fixed: Purchasing coin pack via IAP does not work
fixed: Admob banner at top of screen, should be bottom (Android)
fixed: Spawner jump setting
fixed: Main men music does not play when returning from shop (shop music continues)
fixed: Share button to main menu
fixed: Opacity and Background Speed won’t save when set to 0
fixed: Invincibility still lasts forever in some cases
updated: Playhaven SDK

added: Remember open project location
fixed: Label offset is not working
fixed: Trail effect always in front when attached to character
fixed: Restart checkpoint issue, character speeds ahead
fixed: Ghosts objects for character linked objects
fixed: Preview crash when both sound on/off button are not used
fixed: Loading screen for Android
fixed: Loading screen for Preview
fixed: Google Play Services
fixed: Physics time sync on Android
fixed: Leaderboards on Android
fixed: AdMob crash on startup for Android
fixed: Chartboost ads for Android
fixed: Power up issue when grabbing more than a single power up
fixed: set game filed in pause mode if coin shop opened
fixed: Android Ad network bridges
fixed: Crash during object deletion with live preview
fixed: Chartboost on iOS not showing add at boot screen
fixed: Android Ant building
fixed: Admob interstitial not showing if Admob banner is not configured on menu
fixed: Background scrolling
fixed: Scroll bar overlap on power up editor screen
fixed: Jump animation is triggered when it is empty
fixed: Crash on preview after changing UI menu button

added: check background transparency for object selection
added: Feedback after restore purchases on iOS
fixed: AppLovin (iOS) SDK integration
fixed: LeadBolt (iOS) SDK integration
fixed: MoPub (iOS) SDK integration
fixed: Vongle (iOS) SDK integration
fixed: Restore Purchase button can be on Info Screen
fixed: cleaning old links before making new one
fixed: adMob banner position issue
fixed: crash when you removing ads via In App Purchase
fixed: Ad removed for subscreens like game over
fixed: AppLovin (android) SDK integration
fixed: LeadBolt (android) SDK integration
fixed: Vungle (android) SDK integration
fixed: LeadBolt (android) SDK integration
fixed: MoPub (android) SDK integration
fixed: Upsight aka Playhaven (android) SDK integration
fixed: Bullet Directions for 360 shooter and other gameplays
fixed: Banner show and hide for ad networks
fixed: Chartboost didn’t show ads on first initial screen
fixed: RevMob didn’t show ads on first initial screen
fixed: Wakeup distance for portrait games
fixed: Powerup checkpoint for portrait games
fixed: some crashes on windows in rare cases
fixed: In App Billing for Android
fixed: Inverted gameplay frame at Settings screen
fixed: Open Review button for Android
fixed: Manipulator movement for Portrait Games
fixed: Deletion of ghost objects
fixed: Leaderboards for Android
fixed: Score Share for Android
fixed: Back button for Android
updated: AppLovin SDK 2.5.3
updated: adMob SDK to 6.12
updated: MoPub SDK to 3.0.0

fixed: Light rendering position and light linking issue
fixed: Character shakes during fast moved game plays
fixed: Menu screen alignment issues
fixed: Ig set X and Y gravity settings both to 0, then game won’t save these
fixed: Power up IAP not using correct quantity
fixed: Display coins collected during current game only (game run)
fixed: Synchronization of level section widgets while changing selection and reordering items
fixed: Check background for transparent pixels during selection
fixed: (iOS) Rev mob fullscreen on android only works the first time, then does not show again
fixed: Portrait and Landscape orientation for Android
fixed: App crashes during level loading in some rare cases
fixed: Purchase quantity for non IAP purchases
fixed: Do not refill if we have more power ups then refill amount
fixed: Background layer pulled down off of screen no longer able to move or delete
fixed: Reload Preview screen
fixed: Next checkpoint Button on game over screen is not working if Purchase button is not in IAP mode
fixed: Boundary game frame issues
fixed: Enemy can kill character of they in to “Defeated Animation” mode
fixed: Crashed if Powerup Assets was gone
updated: Chartboost to 5.0.3

1.0.11 (hotfix release)
fixed: Ghost character mode on non Start Scene
fixed: Spawner some time spawned object that didn’t moved (sleep mode was activated)
fixed: Setting Spawners Spawn Rate to Zero
fixed: Pause Screen that plays its music on the Game Field
fixed: Collision issue
fixed: Background layers in some cases was in fornt of everything

1.0.10 (hotfix release)
fixed: OSX export
fixed: background issues with some old bbdoc files
fixed: swinging objects (linked sub assets was connected wrongly)

added: Save confirmation before closing
added: Character ghost on every section for better layer sorting
updated: Chartboost SDK to 5.0.2
fixed: Rendering SplashScreen image for Portrait games
fixed: Save/Load power up inventory
fixed: Save/Load scheduled timers for power up buttons
fixed: Back button on game over crashes if main menu does not exist
fixed: Coin shop button on game over screen is not working
fixed: Crashing of Preview if Asset Object was deleted
fixed: Background depth sorting
fixed: Kill all enemies power up now can kill all enemies
fixed: Trail effect not retaining texture when displaying on device
fixed: Remove ads button still displays after purchase
fixed: Restore purchases button is not doing anything
fixed: Banner position for AdMob (iOS)
fixed: RevMob for iOS
fixed: AdMob for Android
fixed: Chartboost for Android
fixed: Checkpoints broken when walking on ground/platform
fixed: Playhaven (Upsight) integration for iOS
fixed: Values smaller then 0.01 was not saved correctly
fixed: App hanged if you select background and set tiling offset more then image size
fixed: Center Alignment for Label is not working on game field (aligned to the left)
fixed: “Assign” button on Sprite editor renamed to “Save”
fixed: Bullets are destroying power ups
fixed: Color changes do not reflect after closing and opening bbdoc
fixed: Deleting objects while Preview is live
fixed: Phantom pivot points
fixed: Show warning message if bbdoc empty inside

added: OSX platform
added: Text labels alignment
added: Amazon platform
added: Sound On Off button actions on Main Menu
reworked: Power-up system
fixed: iAd banner size incorrect for portrait games
fixed: Trail objects is hanged on iOS Device
fixed: iAd orientation for portrait games
fixed: Negative scale makes object invisible on game field
fixed: background position issue in preview for Portrait game

added: Google Play Game services
added: Alternative way to add new Assets via Add Menu
added: new power up – next checkpoint. used as Skip Level feature
fixed: Remove Ads IAP
fixed: RevMob for Android
fixed: Chartboost for Android
fixed: sometime character go out of Gameplay Frame
fixed: checkpoint state now sawed inside bbdoc file (for editor only)
fixed: Score Multiplier
fixed: changing with in text box of scene does not update immediately
fixed: shooting after death
fixed: crash during scene loading
fixed: Flag effects not showed on device
fixed: License loading for Windows if user name having non Unicode characters
fixed: on game field screen button behavior
fixed: iPhone5 screen size in Preview
fixed: HUE, Saturation, Brightens and Contrast not sticking in preview
fixed: file associations in Windows build

fixed: library compilation issues that causing crashes in some rare cases
fixed: preview hangs
fixed: object editor position issue
fixed: power up turns into copy of character
fixed: crash when you drop new graphics on AnimationEditor during live Preview
fixed: background scrolling issue
fixed: character moving issue for non Zero GameDirection
fixed: portrait orientation for iOS
fixed: checkpoint issue

added: AdMob support
added: if iAd fail to get new ads we will use adMob instead
fixed: Chartboost Ad support
fixed: Vongle Ad support
fixed: iAd support
fixed: Random crashes on OSX
fixed: library error on Windows
fixed: popup menu on OSX with multiple screens
and many stability improvements

added: System Logging. now you can send crash logs via Help->Get Logs menu
added: Restart game from check point from Main Menu
added: Auto update for Windows at startup
fixed: Linking issue between two static objects
fixed: Broken collision shape for object with transparent background
fixed: App crashed after power up deletion
fixed: Crash during changing hue attribute in sprite
fixed: When you drop second character it didn’t replace original
fixed: Shooting issue if you assign Bullet Animation
fixed: Sometime Default game template can’t moved to after changing settings
fixed: Invincibility Powerup issue
fixed: Motor bug when speed is too fast in some cases

fixed: In App Purchase support
fixed: Ad Networks Support
fixed: Background Lock button is stuck
fixed: Some app crashes during file loading

added: link to video tutorials in Help Menu
fixed: crash when dragging a character on to the animation timeline
fixed: main window layout
fixed: crash during opening saved files
fixed: iOS6 support
fixed: build box hanged while zooming out at Scene Editor
fixed: crash when zooming too close at Scene Editor
fixed: 8 points limit to Collision Shapes
fixed: non Concave shape warning
fixed: background position in Preview Player

added: export for Window
fixed: missed text field for Chartboost Signature
fixed: missed “Add Scene” button on some machines
fixed: exporting for iOS and Android
fixed: make project settings window support smaller screens

Official Release