Actions, Effects & Logic

The only thing more fun than playing games is making them, and with Buildbox we’ve included all the tools you need to really get creative. Make your game come to life with animated sequences and custom effects galore.


Coins are more than just a way to keep score, in Buildbox. Our features allow you to add and customize any object you want with a set action. Actions can completely change how a player interacts with an item. Simply drag and drop an item into the editor and set its action as a coin. You can easily have your character collect coins and then offer larger packages of coins for sale. We’ve also included advanced power-ups, continue and checkpoint system with in-app purchase options.


Power-ups turn the average character into a bona-fide super hero. Excite and thrill your players with a variety of different power-ups to make your game not only challenging but also extremely fun. Besides the classics like invincibility and kill all enemies, we have some unique options like coin magnetization and strike. In Buildbox you can activate power-ups in multiple ways. Make them freely available inside your scene or designate an icon for the power-up and set it to activate when a character collides into it. You can also choose to activate the power-up with a button. This would work well for any strike power-up to be used as a melee attack or a kill all enemies power-up for a bomb in a space shooter.


You can mix and match various power-ups and checkpoints to do some truly unique things with your gameplay. Checkpoints and power-ups are fully integrated, allowing you to easily create portals and teleport your character through different zones of the game. The full checkpoint system includes options for adding a set checkpoint, recall checkpoint and skip checkpoint.


Easily create classic stage clear games like Pac Man with our events options. Use the Event Observer feature to automatically monitor your game for specific events. You can schedule a countdown or timer to be activated within your game. Make players race against the clock to complete the level in time or kill all enemies.

Light Effect

It’s the little details that make all the difference. With Buildbox, you have everything you need to truly zero in on the details that count and make something unique with your game. One of the best ways to do that is with effects.

We’ve included an amazing light effect that is seen in popular games like Thomas Was Alone and our very own Phases. This effect is extremely dramatic and with Buildbox can be used in some very unique ways. You can add 7 different lights that all interact with the characters and objects in real time, giving a strong visual effect to the scene.


The built-in particle effect creator in Buildbox allows you to easily make eye-popping professional effects in your game. This feature is by far the most fun to use. Create a particle by adding smoke, fire, sparks or make your own design from scratch with any image software or a photo. Attach particle effects to characters or platforms. You can also add them in your game as highlights in the background that move around with the gravity of the world.

There are dozens of editing features available in the particle editor. Set a blend additive for a magical spell effect to your particle or change the coloring with the color variation options and much more.

Trail & Flag

Light isn’t the only effect that can make your game stand out. We also have integrated trails and flag effects that move dynamically with the game. You can attach these trails to the character or on any objects for some very interesting movement effects.


This easy to use effect adds a mirror image of the gameplay at a position of your choice.  With options to add ripples, you can create truly authentic water effects for 2D games.


The transform feature allows you to change an object or character’s position, rotation, scale, velocity, and more. Transform any object or character to customize its appearance and function in your game.


With teleport you can quickly add portals in your game. Simply drag and drop the logic teleport pieces into the scene editor and place them in the spots where you want your character or object’s portal to be.


Gatekeeper is a unique logic piece. It can be placed whenever you want to control how many characters can pass through a specific point in the game. Add gatekeeper logic pieces to tunnels, obstacles, pipes or any passage you want to restrict entrance to.


The path feature was used to create Nik’s hit game SKY. This logic piece when placed enables you to create an invisible path for your character or an object to follow. In Buildbox you can set paths in any direction you want.

Menu Jump

With the menu jump feature you can add bonus or secret levels in your game simply by placing a menu jump logic piece into the scene. Use it to end your game, take players to another world or to an animated cut scene.

Event Observer

The event observer will automatically monitor your game for specific events and allow you to easily create classic stage clear games like Pac Man. Add ticking timers and countdowns into your game to challenge and engage players.

Buildbox is used by the best game makers. Are you ready to join them?